Our Team

We are proud to have an extremely talented and experienced staff, who each have specialized training in cochlear implants and the development of listening and spoken language. Our distinguished presenters are some of the leading experts in the field.


    • Julie-Cooper
    • Julie Cooper, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
    • Executive Director
    • Julie Cooper is the executive director of the Baker Institute for Children with Hearing Loss. She founded the Listen to Me! Conference at Stanford in 2009 and led the launch of Listen to Me! Hawaii, the first satellite LTM location, in November 2022. Julie also directs the Baker Scholars Program, providing LSL teleintervention to families across California. Julie served as the speech-language pathologist on the cochlear implant team at Stanford Hospital from 2008 to 2013. Additionally, Julie has provided LSL therapy at the Weingarten Children's Center since 2007. She earned a BA from Calvin College and an MS in speech-language pathology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Julie has mentored several professionals in attaining the LSL certification in auditory verbal therapy. She has presented at many conferences and workshops, including ACIA and ASHA. Julie’s favorite part about leading the Baker Institute programs is partnering with families, supporting them to become empowered, and witnessing the beautiful results—well-spoken children who go on to lead inspiring lives.
    • Jennifer-Parenti
    • Jenn Parenti, MA Ed, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist
    • Director of Programs, LTM Conference
    • Jennifer Parenti is the director of programs for the Listen to Me! Conference, leading the parent and professional learning for LTM California, as well as supporting the launch of the first LTM Hawaii in November 2022. As a founding member of the Listen to Me! and Baker Scholars Programs, she has participated in development of the programs and professional presentations from day one. Additionally, Jennifer is an itinerant teacher of the deaf in the San Francisco East Bay. She has provided outreach support as a Consumer Engagement Manager for MED-EL, the hearing implant company, supporting candidates, recipients, and professionals along the West Coast. Jennifer was previously the educational consultant to the cochlear implant team at Stanford University School of Medicine, providing training to educators who support children receiving cochlear implants in the Central Valley, California. She has a BA in Audiology from University of Northern Colorado and received her Master’s in Special Education at San Francisco State University. Jennifer has taught in both total communication and auditory oral classrooms across the Bay Area.