The Listen to Me! Summer Institute is an intensive training program designed for children, families, and professionals to learn how to foster listening and spoken language development with cochlear implants.

Therapists, audiologists, teachers, and administrators are encouraged to accompany their clients or come individually to participate in the experience and receive additional training.

The children participate in an auditory-oral class setting and receive daily individual listening and spoken language therapy sessions from listening and spoken
language specialists.

PLEASE NOTE: These courses are designed for professionals who have beginning to intermediate skills in auditory habilitation. Most of the content is not appropriate for certified LSLS, AVTs, AVEds, or other professionals with a similarly advanced level of auditory training.

DOWNLOAD this year's professional conference schedule (available Feb. 1st).


Join us to learn the following through presentations, observations, and small
group discussions:

  • Cochlear implantation: surgery, post-op, complications, bilateral implantation, EAS/hybrid, future directions
  • Bimodal amplification: listening with one cochlear implant and one
    hearing aid
  • What goes on during a cochlear implant mapping session (includes a LIVE mapping during the presentation)
  • Managing the devices and equipment associated with cochlear implants and hearing aids, including FM systems
  • Strategies and activities for targeting auditory, speech, and language skills for children post-cochlear implant
  • Writing appropriate IFSP and IEP goals to address issues specific to children with cochlear implants
  • Addressing bilingual issues and social challenges for children with hearing loss

Professional development hours

We offer approved professional development hours (6 hours each day of attendance) from the following associations:

  • AG Bell Academy for Listening & Spoken Language: LSL CE credits
  • CA Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Board (Provider #242): CE hours
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Certification Maintenance Hours (counts for ASHA CEUs, but we do not report your hours to the CE registry)

Cost & registration

$155 per day (6 professional development hours, lunch, and parking provided).

SPECIAL RATE: $415 for all three days (18 professional development hours,
3 lunches, and 3 parking permits).

Attendees will also receive a USB memory stick preloaded with teaching/therapy materials, resources, and articles for each day attended!

REGISTER EARLY! The Listen to Me! Summer Institute has a limited number of openings. We currently accept only 25 professionals per year. Priority is given to professionals who are current service providers for one of our attending families.
We do keep a waiting list.


DOWNLOAD registration form here (available Feb. 1st).

Please include payment with registration form (we are unable to process credit card payments at this time).

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Stanford Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery.

Registration form and check should be mailed to the following address:

ATTN: Julie Cooper
Stanford Ear Institute
2452 Watson Court
Suite 1700
Palo Alto, CA 94303


Professional participants are asked to arrange for your own lodging at nearby hotels.
See a few hotels we recommend here.


  • There is a residential parking lot across the street from the house (behind Casa Italiana) that you may park in. You will need an "SO" parking permit to park there, so check in at the registration table at the house, and a volunteer will give you your parking permit for the day. MAKE SURE TO PARK IN AN "SO" SPOT, OR YOU COULD RECEIVE A PARKING TICKET.

Upon arrival

  • Please plan to arrive during registration time: between 8:00 and 8:30 am.
  • If you are interested in earning PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/
    , please bring your professional state license number and/or ASHA number.

Quotes from previous professional attendees

“The presentations were very helpful because they addressed the foundations of auditory living-this made the techniques and strategies make more sense.”

“The presentations were excellent! Lots of great information, clearly presented, and practical. Will use in my work with kids.”

“Great examples of therapy activities.”

“Nice discussion of Total Communication being continued along with auditory training for some families.”

“It was great finding out what other professionals are doing and how they are dealing with student issues.”

“One of the best parts was the panel of cochlear implant users. There were a great variety of CI users, and I did not feel like people were pushing their agendas.
Nicely done!”

“Excellent week! The professionals, staff, and everyone are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your passion really comes through. I love having parents here too.”

“Very wonderful week... beautifully organized and very family-oriented!!”

PLEASE CONTACT KATHY MASTRINI at for any inquiries about Listen to Me! for professionals.


Listen To Me! 2019

Reunion: June 21-23
New Families: June 23-28
Professionals: June 25-27

Watch our movie

We've been documenting some of our families in our Listen to Me! Summer Institute. Visit our movie page, or click to watch the latest.

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