Who is eligible?

  • Child must be between 0 and 5 years old (must not turn 6 before July 1)
  • Child must wear a cochlear implant or be under consideration for one by a cochlear implant center in California
  • Family must reside in California
  • Family (including at least one parent/guardian) must commit to staying the whole week of Listen to Me! Summer Institute

As of September 1, 2014, Listen to Me! is now open to families in the entire state of California.

How do I apply?

APPLY ONLINE BY MARCH 1ST using our online application.

Please complete the online application form and select the payment option you prefer. We strongly recommend paying online by credit card, if at all possible, considering the current circumstances. (Our offices are closed, and we are unable to receive paper mailings at this time).

If you are unable to pay online, please contact us for alternative methods: ltm@bakerinstituteforchildren.org.

Registration will NOT be guaranteed until payment is received.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO APPLY ONLINE, please print and mail the application found at the end of the Family Flyer on the forms page.

Applications & deposits should be mailed to the following address:

ATTN: Julie Cooper
Stanford Ear Institute
2452 Watson Court
Suite 1700
Palo Alto, CA 94303

A $50 deposit is required to apply. Please write checks out to: Stanford Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery.

If your family is selected, this $50 will be applied to your registration fee (which is based on a sliding scale). If your family is not selected this year, your $50 fee will be refunded to you. In the event that the Baker Institute selects your family to attend but you decide not to attend, the deposit will not be refunded.


How much does it cost?

The cost for families to attend Listen to Me! is based on a sliding fee scale. Please note that our top priority is to help families who need this most, so DO NOT LET COSTS PROHIBIT YOU FROM APPLYING. We will work with your family to pay only as much as you are able without it becoming a financial burden to you. Please contact Julie Cooper for any questions about this policy:

How are families selected?

The Listen to Me! Summer Institute has a limited number of openings. We currently accept 14 families per year. Priority is given to families in greatest need of resources, information, and/or access to intervention services. We do keep a waiting list.

When will I know if my family has been accepted?

Accepted families are notified by mail, usually on or soon after May 1st.

After you have received an acceptance letter, you must mail in the requested deposit to hold your family's place. If we do not receive your deposit by May 15th, we will have to give your spot to a family on our waiting list.

What do I bring?

  • Extra cords and batteries for your child's cochlear implant and/or
    hearing aids
  • Casual, comfortable clothing for 6 days for you and your children (average temperature for this week in Stanford is typically between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit), light jackets may be necessary for evenings and mornings.
  • Crib/playpen (if necessary)
  • Small pillow and/or child blanket for children's nap time
  • Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc...
  • Stroller (if age-appropriate)
  • Small fan (rooms are NOT air-conditioned)
  • If your child has food allergies, please bring food that he or she will be able
    to eat.
    Otherwise, 3 meals a day will be provided. (Feel free to bring some snacks or other food if desired. You will have access to a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker, but a stove/oven will NOT be available.)
  • Sunscreen for your children (for daily outdoor activities)
  • Bathing suit and towel for siblings (water play activities)
  • Paint shirt for siblings (arts and craft activities)
  • Your child's 3 favorite toys (These will be used during therapy time to help teach you how to work on some of your child's goals by using his or her
    favorite toys.)
  • Children's books, other toys or activities to entertain your children after program hours (in the evenings)
  • Audio recorder (optional) to record classes, therapy, and presentations

What are the accommodations like?

  • All of the families stay together in one house, but each family sleeps in their own private room (or two neighboring rooms if family size is large).
  • Rooms are simply furnished with twin beds, dressers, and desks.
  • All bedrooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the house, with
    stair access.
  • The houses are not air-conditioned, but fans are provided in each room.
  • Community bathrooms and showers are available on each floor.
  • Stanford Catering provides 3 meals each day of attendance.
  • Microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, and freezer are available in the community kitchen.

What is a typical day at Listen to Me?

Daily Schedule

7:15-8:30 am

8:30-9:00 am
Welcome, morning music, children go to class

9:00-10:30 am
Educational presentation (based on daily topics: medical issues, speech & language development, IEPs & IFSPs, bilingualism, parenting/behavior management, expectations & outcomes)

10:30-12:00 pm
Observe therapy/Observe class/Videos & discussion

12:00-1:30 pm

1:30-2:30 pm
Making It Real At Home (learn how to incorporate your child's goals into your home routines)

2:30-4:30 pm
Group discussion/Recap presentation/Go through materials & handouts

4:30-5:30 pm
Free time

5:30-7:00 pm


Listen To Me! 2021

Reunion: June 18-20
New Families: June 20-25
Professionals: June 22-23

Watch our movie

We've been documenting some of our families in our Listen to Me! Summer Institute. Visit our movie page, or click to watch the latest.

Contact LTM!

Families, please contact
Julie Cooper:
For Spanish, please contact
Gabriela Holzman:
Professionals, please contact
Eryn McHan: