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The actual cost for attending Listen to Me is $10,000 per family. This cost includes housing and dining (3 meals a day) for the whole week, attendance at LTM (parent conference, child class and therapy, and sibling camp), attendance at one weekend Reunion the following year, and 2 follow-up visits during the year following LTM (site visit at school/home in the Fall & formal speech, language, & auditory testing with report and suggested goals in the Spring).

We offer a sliding fee scale for families based on income level. They are requested to pay between $50 and $2000 per family, depending on their income bracket.

Our fundraising efforts need to subsidize all remaining costs for each family to attend.

The Baker Scholars Program costs about $14,000 per scholar, per year. This cost includes 60 minutes per week of listening and spoken language therapy by an experience professional on our staff, through direct service or tele-intervention (video conferencing into the family's home). Each scholar is eligible to receive these highly specialized weekly services for 3 to 5 years. This service is provided at no cost to the families.

Every donation directly supports our efforts to empower and equip families to maximize listening and spoken language with cochlear implants. Thank you for your help!

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