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Our Mission

To provide funding for the unmet medical, educational, and therapeutic needs of children with hearing loss. The Baker Institute provides training for families and their children in a supportive and loving setting so children will maximize the benefits from the assistance they receive. We envision a world in which, one day, every child with hearing loss, regardless of financial standing, will have the opportunity to learn to listen and speak, and will have all the opportunities in life enjoyed by their hearing peers. Currently, our focus is on children who reside in California; however, a national expansion is underway.

Our goals are:

  • To educate families about the medical, audiological and educational options available to their child
  • To help families understand their child's potential for listening and language development and to teach them the strategies needed to develop these skills
  • To empower parents to be advocates for their child and help them to navigate the medical and educational systems they will encounter
  • To support families on the often challenging journey of raising a child with hearing loss

The groundbreaking work of the Baker Institute can transform a child's life from one of isolation and disheartenment to full engagement in our hearing and speaking world. Doors open to enhanced social interaction and employment. Both individual and society benefit as substantial resources in long-term assistance are saved, and as these children become adults who will contribute fully to our economy and society.


The Baker Institute works in partnership with the Otolaryngology departments of the Medical Centers of Stanford University, University of California San Francisco, and New York University. It may also support other programs, organizations and individuals that address similar needs. The Institute assists children with funding to supplement government and insurance benefits for hearing aids; cochlear implants; speech pathology; audiology; and psychological support for children and families before and after the provision of hearing assistance.

Our Programs

Listen to Me! Summer Institute

The Listen to Me! Summer Institute is an intensive one week program for children, families, and professionals to learn about listening and spoken language development with cochlear implants. Children participate in an auditory-oral class setting and receive daily listening and spoken language therapy sessions. Parents participate in educational presentations, therapy and class observations, role-playing for implementing goals at home, and a parent support group. Siblings who have normal hearing participate in a summer camp experience designed just for them, including crafts, games, and outdoor activities.

Therapists, audiologists, and teachers are encouraged to accompany their clients or come individually to participate in the experience and receive additional training. Presentation topics for parents and professionals include cochlear implant surgery, bilateral implantation, research/future directions, audiological management, listening and spoken language development and strategies, special education law, behavior management and bilingualism.

Baker Scholars Program

The Baker Scholars Program supports families who have limited access to quality listening and spoken language intervention services. It is operated by the Baker Institute for Children with Hearing Loss in collaboration with the Stanford Ear Institute. The Baker Scholars Program delivers parent coaching and direct therapy services so that children with cochlear implants can learn to listen and speak, regardless of the family's geographic proximity to appropriate services.

Baker Scholars are children who are in greatest need of therapeutic services for learning to listen and speak. We provide Baker Scholars services over a three- to five-year period, which includes the following:

  • Weekly listening and spoken language therapy (either in person or through tele-intervention)
  • Parent education to optimize listening and language opportunities in the child's natural environment
  • Social work services to identify local resources available, assist in arranging appointments, and support the family's mental health needs to optimize outcomes for the child
  • Interpreter services when needed

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We've been documenting some of our families in our Listen to Me! Summer Institute. Visit our movie page, or click to watch the latest.

Meet our board

The Baker Institute's board, comprised of leading professionals in the field of hearing, plays an active role in our organization. Our medical expertise helps ensure that families and children receive the finest care possible.
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General inquiries: general@bakerinstituteforchildren.org
For more about the Listen to Me! Summer Institute: ltm@bakerinstituteforchildren.org
For more about Baker Scholars: scholars@bakerinstituteforchildren.org